Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Classes

Prelude Music* $180 per year ($90 per semester)
Choristers*$180 per year ($90 per semester)

Registration Fee for Performing Choirs

ONLY for performing choirs (Carol, Concert, Chamber). Non-refundable fee per singer.

Within one week of audition$50
One or more weeks after audition$100

Tuition for Performing Choirs

Carol Choir**$265 per year
Concert Choir**$335 per year
Chamber Choir**
$335 per year
Men’s Ensemble
(composed of all male singers in Chamber Choir)
$25 per year (rehearsal fee)

* In addition, families participate in a fall semester fundraiser.
**In addition, families participate in one fall and one spring semester fundraiser

Cost for Additional Students in a Family

Each additional child in Prelude Music, Choristers$180 per year ($90 per semester)
Each additional child in Carol, Concert or Chamber Choir$265 per year

Tuition is not pro-rated for singers who participate in performing choirs for one semester only. In addition, there are uniforms fees for each singer in a performing choir.

Tuition assistance is available to those who sing the entire year. The application is available during registration process. Tuition discount options are also available and detailed in the handbook supplied during the registration process.