Singing with excellence

MCCL’s mission is training children and youth to glorify Jesus Christ through excellent choral singing. Currently, MCCL is comprised of three auditioned and performing choirs and three non-auditioned classes for singers in kindergarten through grade 12. Excellent choral training provides singers life long skills that bless the church and community.

  • Singers learn healthy singing techniques, such as intonation, beat keeping, ear training, breathing, rhythm, music reading, posture, and note-reading (solfege).
  • Singers develop rehearsal and performance skills, music literacy, and progress from unison singing to four, six, or eight-part harmonies. 

One of the joys of the MCCL program is sharing the hard work of singers at concerts. Although we could not perform in person this spring, sharing music through Unexpected Song this week provides singers a way to present their musical excellence and training as a gift to the church and community.

The challenges of a canceled spring concert series and summer tour deepened a difficult financial season for MCCL. We are almost halfway to our goal of $12,500 to eliminate our current year budget deficit. Would you bless MCCL with a gift this week to help MCCL singers and directors keep singing with excellence? Thank you!