While the fall MCCL season seemed uncertain, we were driven by the power of music, community, and faith to provide excellent and safe choral training.

The resulting experience has been extraordinary–such beauty amidst trials! Every Tuesday evening from late August through early November, more than 100 young singers gathered to sing with joy and gratitude. They grew as musicians as they lifted their voice to the sky and “sang” with the bodies through African drumming, body percussion, and sign language. True to the nature of the season, singers performed a one-of-a-kind outdoor concert on November 14 for family and friends, highlighting music from around the world and across time. It’s amazing what MCCL singers and music staff together accomplished – rehearsing outside & with masks!

We hope you are blessed, encouraged, and filled with hope as you listen to our one-of-a-kind concert showcase! While we could not perform our typical Christmas concert series, we celebrate singing a new song together outside on the Lancaster Mennonite turf field. The hard work, dedication, and growth of each singer are amazing to see. As you “attend” our concert, we invite you to bless MCCL with a “free-will offering” (donation). 100% of your gift will go directly to the excellent choral training of young singers in the areas of: tuition assistance, work with guest artists and guest clinicians, additional music staff due to COVID-19 smaller choir sizes, additional COVID-19 supplies, and concert showcase expenses. Thank you for being a voice in our chorus of support this year!

MCCL’s Fall Concert Showcase, November 14, 2020 at Lancaster Mennonite School

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The concert showcase electronic program with song titles, lyrics, singer and staff names, guest artist bios, business sponsors, and donors can be found here.