Concert Choir singers spent three days sharing music and building deeper friendships. They competed in Music in the Parks at HersheyPark, learned about the rise and fall of Bethlehem Steel, camped at Camp-Men-O-Lan, and performed four concerts at churches and retirement homes. Each day singers wrote journal entries about their experiences.

Day One:

“Our choir got to be a part of competing in “Music in the Parks” at Hershey Park yesterday. We performed two of our pieces for the adjudication. Then we spent time at the amusement park. During the late afternoon we went to the Hershey Arena for the awards ceremony. Concert Choir won first place and received a superior rating for our category (treble choir)!” – Collette, 6th grade singer

“For me choir has turned into community service. I know how the words and messages of our songs have impacted me, so I want to spread that to people who also need that in their life. I feel really blessed to be able to use my gifts to brighten others lives.” -Ava, 8th grade singer

Day Two:

“I didn’t know anything about the Bethlehem Steel Plant before today. I learned a whole lot. One interesting was how they kept the furnaces running. At lunch it was fun to share memories about our time in Carol Choir.” – Noelle, 7th grade singer

“Camp Men O Lan is really fun. And picking up sticks was fun and bonding! The woods are beautiful. And the dinner provided by Christ Reformed Church before our concert was amazingly delicious. I enjoyed seeing people smile during our concert.” – Rosalind, 6th grade singer

Day 3:

“Concert Choir shared another musical and fun filled day together bookended by two concert at Souderton Mennonite Homes and Red Run Mennonite Church. We also ate delicious Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches and stretched our legs at a local park. What a wonderful final day of tour with a delightful group of singers!” – Ms. Wingard, director